Together Cheese (Culture)

Promotion with a Flash Mob (before the festival)
Lively promotion through a flash mob event to open the fabulous Imsil cheese festival
Military Band Parade and Performance by the 35th Division
Amazing military band performances by the 35th Division
Life Culture and Art Society Contest
A performance prepared by a society of living culture and arts
Taekwondo Performance Tour (Cooperative project in Jeollabuk-do)
Special show complete with music and Taekwondo
Community Program Recital
Performances given by local residents
Imsil Pilbong Nongak Performance
Fun traditional Korean music performance that has descended over the past 400 years. /dd>
Historical Folk Culture Exhibition
Exhibition that covers the folk culture of Imsil and its history
Making Soft Cheese Tofu in Dangdang Village
An experiential program for making soft and savory tofu
Life Culture and Art Society Experience
Program for experiencing the activities of the Life Culture Art Society members in Jeollabuk-do
Performance by the 15-member Im Jaeman Band
Wonderfully fun and exciting performance by the 15-member Im Jaeman Band