Where festival meets culture!

Imsil N cheese and the traditional culture of Imsil come together as one at the Imsil N Cheese Festival, a place for cultural communication. Through various experiential learning programs, visitors may enjoy Imsil N cheese and traditional culture as they learn more about Imsil culture.

Enhance the value of life and create a new tomorrow!

The Imsil N Cheese Festival pursues richer and more meaningful life values while striving to create new culture. Other than events based on cheese, which is a specialty of Imsil, the festival is centered on a wide range of programs including folk performances, many different craft activities, as well as various contests.

Along with the beautiful nature of Imsil, we hope you will enjoy the festival's diverse cultural contents such as lively performances and various cultural experience programs.

Imsil N Cheese Festival offers the best healing space for relaxation, as well as enjoyment.
You are welcome to visit anytime and please continue to give us your love and support.