Cheese Town (Linked with other towns )

  • Children's Dolls & Bubble Performance & Magic

    The link between a children's puppet show and a bubble performance gives the best puppet show ever.

    I'd like some cheese, please.

    A quick tasting of cheese with tourists

  • Catching the Milk-Fed Catfish

    Catching live fish with your bare hands

    Tall Pierrot with Cheese

    Tall Pierrot wandering around the cheese town

  • Trot Festival in Cheese Town

    Trot performances to celebrate the amusing cheese town

    Kizipangfang Kidzland

    Cheese Village Children's Air Bounce Playland

Imsil N Cheese Festa
Party at the Imsil N Cheese Festival for everyone
Cheese Fringe Show
Enjoyable hourly cheese town concerts
Kids Theme Park with Bouncy Cheese
Air-bounce playground for children in the cheese town
Cheese Town Experiential Program
Experiential programs directly run by the cheese town
Imsil N Cheese Kids ZONE
Playground where family, lovers, and friends are all together.
Face painting
Pretty face on my face.
Caricature Experience
Please draw my face~
Imsil Cheese Village Neighborhood Funding Competition
A jjambbong contest