Fun Cheese (Experiential programs)

  • Imsil n with natural cheese dyeing

    Imsil n dyeing with natural cheese can only enjoy in the festival.

    Hill of Wind ZONE

    Flying a kite, roller slide.

    Girls chijeupal

    Girl and win the game is chijeupal, souvenirs and cheese tasting.

    Making cookies of my own cheese.

    A program to make cookies by putting cheese dough made with Imsil N cheese into a mold that suits each individual's character and putting chocolate syrup and cheese syrup on top of it.

  • Dairy farming experience

    milk cow's milk, milk's feed, hay's feed
    (Location: Ranch)

    Make one of my own pizza.

    Imsil n make my own pizza cheese.

    - Application method: 50% advance access and 50% on-site access
    - Experience fee: 5,000 won

    European Prize Cosplay

    Europe Award Cosplay at the European theme park

    Yakwang Cheese Face Painting

    Experience a night program to enhance the atmosphere of the night and the atmosphere of the Amorpati, and try different face-painting styles like cheese and milk.

  • Who moved my cheese?

    Roll, carry, stack and move the cheese!

    Triathlon using a cheese model

    Imsil N Cheese Kids ZONE

    Fun Kids for Children ZONE

    Street piano

    The Imsil N Cheese Festival offers a unique piano photo zone to leave unique memories

    A descendant of cheese! A military

    A program that can give visitors a chance to experience military service at the Imsil N Cheese Festival with the cooperation of the Imsil 35th Division.

Pottery making experience
A pottery experience that I try to make myself.
Kizipangfang Kidzland
Air Bounce Playground for Children
Happy Food Making a Pizza
Create your unique pizza by using a large firepot.
Craftwork Program with Imsil N Cheese
Craftwork program where you can make your own cheese pieces by using Imsil cheese
Cheese Ice Cream Ball Program
Kick the ice cream ball with your family and then taste the finished ice cream altogether.
Experiences in making photo frame mugs
Take a picture and take a picture in a mug
Caricature Experience
Please draw my face~
Reading Experiences with Imsil N Cheese
Read and think about books related to Imsil N cheese.
Experience of Hanji Form
View and experience hanji sculpture made of hanji paper
3D Pen Character Experience
3D Pen to Create Carriers