Altogether With Cheese (Daedong)

  • ‘Largest’ Cheese Pizza in Korea
    Oct 05 (Sat) ~ Oct 06 (Sun) 10:00~12:30 / Show Plaza (Main stage) 사전접수

    A program to promote the excellence and taste of Imsil N cheese and Imsil N cheese pizza by making and sharing pizza with tourists.

    - Participant recruitment: Online homepage
    - Pre-access: 300, Field: 200
    - Participation fee: 2,000 won in advance and 3,000 won in on-site access
    - Experience fee: 2,000 won (including 2 pieces of sample pizza)

  • Family Competition! Extend Your Cheese

    Visitor recreation, Date & Time: Takes place according to time schedule

    Say Cheese and Smile! (Photo Contest)
    Always in progress / Cheese Theme Park, Cheese Village

    Show off happy photos taken at the festival

    How to Participate: Complete 3 photo missions and print the photos out at the booth to receive a festival souvenir

  • Sharing Cheese Dishes
    Oct 04 (Fri) ~ Oct 05 (Sat) 15:00 / Main stage

    Tourists' Cheese Cook Sharing Event "Cheesepenneppasta"

    Milk Dream, Happy Dream (parade)
    All around the theme park, Culture Plaza (Clock Tower) / Takes place according to time schedule

    Parade of the venue and sharing of cheese raw materials 'milk'

    - Operate the parade.
    - Milk-sharing performance with tourists
    - Link night program 'Amor Party'