9 themes / 77 Programs
  • Special Cheese Performance
    • Cheese Opening (opening ceremony)
    • Imsil N Cheese a world cultural performance
    • Imsil N Busking
    • Children Cheese Puppetry
    • Imsil N Kids Concert

      - Quartet concerts, b-boying, magic shows, balloon shows

    • Imsil N Cheese Auction
    • Cheese Closing (closing ceremony)
    Performance / Official Event (7)
    Yummy Cheese
    • Agricultural & Specialty Products Market event
    • Cheese Castle Promage Restaurant

      - Pasta, pizza, cheese pork cutlet, doria, etc.

    • Imsil N Cheese Cafeteria
    • Italian Cheese Cafe
    • Imsil N Cheese Sales & Promotion
    • Village food
    • Imsil N Cheese Food
    • Imsil N Cheese Pizza
    • Imsil N Cheese Choco Jardin & Coffee Bean Bread
    • Playland (playground, Food Corner)
    • Excellent Agricultural & Specialty Product Exhibition, Sales & Promotion
    • Stir-fried Cheese Ice Cream
    Showy Cheese
    • The 9th Choi Gap Seok Song Festival
    • Imsil N Cheese Nationwide Children's Cooking Contest
    • The 4rd Nationwide Children's Cheese Song Writing Contest
    • Nationwide Natural Cheese Contest
    • Imsil N Cheese Nationwide Star Chef Challenge
    • Imsil Gyeonggi Association Holstein Cow Fair
  • Altogether With Cheese
    • Representative program

      ① National "King" Cheese Pizza
      ② Milk Dream, Happy Dream (parade)

    • Tourist participation issue program

      ① Say Cheese and Smile! (Photo Contest)
      ② Family Battle! How Far Can My Cheese Go?

    • Sharing program

      ① Cheese Cooking & Sharing Event

    Daedong (5)
    Fascinating Cheese
    • Peach Honk! (Theme Park ⇔ Cheese Village)
    • Imsil N Cheese Fair (cheese market)
    • Memorial Center of Father Ji Jeonghwan
    • Global Zone for Foreigners
    exhibition event (4)
    Together Cheese
    • Promotion with a Flash Mob (before the festival)
    • Military Band Parade and Performance by the 35th Division
    • Life Culture and Art Society Contest
    • Taekwondo Performance Tour (Cooperative project in Jeollabuk-do)
    • Community Program Recital
    • Imsil Pilbong Nongak Performance
    • Historical Folk Culture Exhibition
    • Making Soft Cheese Tofu in Dangdang Village
    • Life Culture and Art Society Experience
    • Performance by the 15-member Im Jaeman Band
    local culture (10)
    Twinkling Cheese
    • Amor Fati

      - an aberration party at the clock tower

    • Star Chef Challenge with Choi Hyun Suk
    Nighttime event(2)
  • Fun Cheese
    • Cheese Fairy Peach Zone

      - Create Pitch Echoback & Pitch Flareum

    • Imsil N Cheese StreetFood (Food Potcha)
    • Windy Hill ZONE

      -Sledding on grass hills / Kite flying / Trampoline air bounce

    • cheese relay “Who Moved My Cheese?”
    • Happy Food Coal-fired Pizza Experience
    • The Little Cheese Girl (Cheese Sharing Performance)
    • Dairy Experience - Milk cow milking, milk feeding, hay feeding
    • Make Your Own Personal Pizza
    • Imsil N Cheese Craft Experience
    • Cheese Science Education Program
    • Cheese Ice Cream Ball Experiential Activity
    • European Costume Dress-up Experience
    • Imsil N Cheese Kids Zone
    • Make Your Own Cheese Cookie
    • Fluorescent Cheese Face Painting (Night program)
    • Street Piano
    • Imsil N Cheese Fashion Sticker Tattoo
    • Find the Golden Cheese!
    • Military Experience Program with Imsil N Cheese
    • Photo Mug Making Program
    • Caricature Program
    • Natural Dyeing with Imsil N Cheese
    • Crossbow Shooting Program
    Experience / Participation (25)
    Village Cheese
    • Children’s Cheese Puppet Show & Bubble Show
    • Imsil N Cheese Festa
    • Cheese Cooking Show
    • Cheese Fringe Show
    • Catching the Milk-Fed Catfish
    • Tall Pierrot with Cheese
    • Kids Theme Park with Bouncy Cheese
    • Trot Festival in Cheese Town
    • Cheese Town Experiential Program
    • Cheese Playground
    • Cheese Town Fishing Experiences
    Cheese Village (11)