Fascinating Cheese(attractions)
Various special programs will take place throughout the festival!
There will be interesting cheese-related experiential activities, colorful exhibitions and sales events.
볼만한 치즈 볼거리프로그램
Peach Honk! (electric car at event site)

① Cheese Theme Park Children's Playground ↔ Cheese Village (4 units)
   - Car dispatch time interval: 15 minutes
② Entrance to Event Site ↔ Clock Tower (1 unit)
   - Car dispatch time interval: 30 minutes

Theme Park Photo Zone

① Cheese Fairy Peach Photo Zone
② Photo Frame & Shadow Photo Zone: Frame-type photo zone during the day and shadow photo zone at night
③ Bench Photo Zone: Visitor rest area and photo zone
④ Windy Hills Photo Zone: Alphenhorn

Domestic & Overseas Cheese Exhibition

Cheese tasting, cheese making & ripening tour

Imsil N Cheese & local cultural history exhibition

Operation of Imsil N Cheese & local cultural exhibition center