Yummy Cheese(Food)
Various special programs will take place throughout the festival!
There will be interesting cheese-related experiential activities, colorful exhibitions and sales events.
맛깔난 치즈 먹거리프로그램
Agricultural & Specialty Products Corner Event Agricultural & Specialty Product Sales Event: Operation of mobile radio station
Cheese Castle Fromage Restaurant

Sells pasta, pizza, cheese tonkatsu, doria, etc.

Cheese Cafeteria

Sells Imsil N Cheese-related food (Cheese Castle Central Fountain)

Imsil N Cheese Sales & Promotion

Sales and promotion of Imsil N Cheese dairy products

Village Food

- Imsil-gun Eupmyeon Food Market

Imsil N Cheese Food

- Sells food made with Imsil N Cheese

Imsil N Cheese Pizza

- Sells pizza made with Imsil N Cheese

Imsil N Cheese Choco Jardin & Coffee Bean Bread

- Sells Choco Jardin, coffee bean bread


- Children's Food Corner: Cheese fish shaped bread, ice cream, drinks, etc.

Stir-fried Cheese Ice Cream

- nstant cheese ice cream made on a cold plate

Excellent Agricultural & Specialty Product Exhibition, Sales & Promotion

- Exhibition and sales of agricultural & specialty products grown and made in Imsil County