Altogether With Cheese(Daedong)
Various special programs will take place throughout the festival!
There will be interesting cheese-related experiential activities, colorful exhibitions and sales events.
  • National "King" Cheese Pizza
    The biggest pizza ever made together!

    - Participation Fee: 5,000 won (includes two pizza slices for tasting)
    - 2,000 won per pizza slice for non-participants

    Date & Time10.8(Mon)11:30~
    VenuePerformance Square (Main Stage)
  • Cheese Cupcake Mosaic
    Cheese cupcake mosiac made with Imsil N Cheese
    Date & Time10.9(Tues) 11:00~13:00
    VenuePerformance Square (Main Stage)
  • Milk Dream, Happy Dream (parade)
    Event parade and the sharing of 'milk', the main ingredient in cheese
    VenueAll around the theme park, Culture Plaza (Clock Tower)
    Date & TimeTakes place according to time schedule
  • Cheese Cooking & Sharing Event
    Share Imsil N Cheese topped pasta with visitors
    Date & Time10. 7(Sun)~8(Mon) / 16
    VenueMain Stage
  • Family Battle! How Far Can My Cheese Go?
    Try stretching cheese as far as possible with your family
    Date & Time10. 7(Sun)~8(Mon) / 17 to 18
    VenueFountain Plaza
  • Say Cheese and Smile! (Photo Contest)
    Show off happy photos taken at the festival

    - How to Participate: Complete 3 photo missions and print the photos out at the booth to receive a festival souvenir

    Date & TimeAlways in progress
    VenueCheese Theme Park, Cheese Village